Phenomenologie of time

Yukiko at studio # 1, day 2

Yukiko at studio # 2, day 2

Kaoru with editions Allia catalog # 1

Kaoru leaning back

Julia on table # 1

Allyn and Lori on studio terrace, West 39th st, NYC

Chuco with light # 1

Chuco with chair # 3

Chuco with boots

Chrissy with black shoes

Tina with pink shirt

Elena with necklace

Kat at the 29th st studio

Celeste reclining

Melany with arms crossed

Melissa with mask

Tina with gloves

Tina with Molinier's book

Ana with the 'Elegies'

Ana with hand to shoulder

Rika with left hand on her hip

Rika with black skirt

Amy with silver bracelet

Mia with her blue eyes

Lulu by window