one rose (trinity)

Rose Wood is a stage artist.

Surface and depth of the mirror, the make-up table is a privileged place to photograph Rose, as it is the locus for a metamorphosis. This seriously playful transformation is both inner and surface, part of a ritual, as Rose simultaneously covers and uncovers another self. Rose is multiple in one.

rose with necklace

Rose and I have had a routine over the years, ….I would meet Rose at little after 11 p.m. at her hi-end wood furniture restoring business atelier, where Rose kept a dressing / make-up room, to prepare for her night cabaret shows...this was always so thrilling, I felt it as a privilege to be admitted to a such a private space. For her stage performances, Rose was then working with a flexible breast plate as a theatrical prosthetic and the large necklace would hide the area where it meets the neck.


Rose in the wings of the stage at 'The Slipper Room' cabaret, just before performing.

Rose Tiger

Rose backstage after performing, talking with two fellow stage artists.

Rose at mirror at the zipper theater

Rose at the Zipper Theater, preparing before her performance for the role of a homeless woman, West 37th st., NYC.

the sleep of reason

Rose in the hallway of the Zipper theater, undressing after performance, West 37th st. NYC.

pagoda 100

6:40 a.m. Rose, with a few friends, is entering the Pagoda 100 building, where the clinic for surgery is located, Philadelphia area, Pennsylvania.

important notice

Rose with leopard and zebra print robes is registering at the reception office of the clinic, before undergoing breast augmentation procedure.

rose smiling

7:40 am, Rose with her surgeon a few minutes before surgery.


Rose about 90 minutes after surgery, when we were first allowed in her room.

rose at home

Rose at home with a statue of Ganesh, deity of beginnings. 2 months after first photographing her, Rose had a gender confirmation procedure. This portrait is 7 days after returning from the clinic. Chelsea Hotel, West 23rd st., NYC

rose with a black-blue dress

“putting her finger on his wound”

rose in a cab, 2:00 a.m.

4 months after Rose's procedure, it is our first time out again on the town, in the back seat of a cab, while on the way to a cabaret for one of her performances, all our routine is back to as before.

rose's first performance after surgery

Her role is of a private guard dressed in bouffant pants and a turban protecting and being an aide to a princess, while she enjoys a bath.

Rose massages her with perfumes and oils, he softly dries her, is revealed at the end of the performance that this guard is a eunuch.

Rose is the author of her scripts.

'The Box', Chrystie st., NYC.

four studies of the bones of a bird's wing

Rose carrying wooden planks for her stage props, is on her way to do a show at 'The Slipper Room' at the crossroads of Stanton and Allen streets, Lower East Side, NYC.

red light fuk

Rose in the dressing room of Santos's Party House, stretching and flexing her muscles before performing. Tribeca, NYC.

rose on the f subway line

Rose is on the F subway line on her way to Coney Island, Brooklyn to perform.


Surf Avenue, Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY.

rose with a turban

Rose looking at Rose in the mirror of the dressing room at the cabaret 'The Box', with a bandana, an orange road worker vest, a plastic turban and a full-on smudge make-up for her 1st show of that night.

rose with golden tap shoes

Rose as a Degas ballerina, in the dressing room of 'The Box', with golden tap shoes, diamond necklace and red sparkle touches on her eyelashes and lipstick, for her 2nd show of that night.

rose's atelier

Rose owns and manages a hi-end fine wood furniture restoring studio in Manhattan. Rose is at one of her work tables looking at a book of

drawings by Pierre Klossowski.

wutherings (heights)

Rose as a blonde on a December night.


in the elevator, 3:44 a.m.

Rose had returned earlier that night from Mexico, where she had travelled to, for facial reconstruction surgery. I picked Rose up at the Penn railroad station at West 34th st at around 3 a.m.and we walked a few blocks to Rose's woodworking atelier and took the elevator. Before her trip to Mexico, it had been an over 2 year interval since I had previously photographed Rose.

27th st and 7th Av.

That same night/morning after having accompanied Rose to the front door of her woodworking atelier and wishing her a good night, I walked to the corner of her street, stopped and stared motionless at the empty city for a while, then I heard a voice calling my name, it was Rose, who had gone outside, to get a bottle of water, we walked another 2 blocks before biding each other 'good night' again.

rose selecting a wig

Rose in a wig shop in the West 30's, NYC.

rose as vitruvian (wo)man

Rose at home as a reclining Vitruvian (wo)man.

Chelsea Hotel, West 23rd st, NYC.